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Designed to uniquely inspire, engage and prepare high-potential young talent for careers of the future.  Gaining in-demand skills and experience with leading employers.

Real pathways to careers.

Our goal is to deliver value to both employers and high-potential young talent. Preparing highly qualified, pre-screened and desk ready talent for employers. While providing clear pathways to explore and prepare for in-demand careers for young talent.

Allowing students to make informed decisions on your future based on first-hand knowledge, industry insights and experience.

Inspire, engage and prepare at scale.

An experience that goes beyond academic coursework.

Providing opportunities to explore in-demand careers and innovative companies early, while simultaneously gaining in-demand skills, experience and credentials.

Allowing you to plan your future with confidence through first-hand knowledge, experience and insights.

  • In-demand Skills
    In-demand technical and professional skills.
  • Work experience
    Hands-on experience and industry insights through project work derived from real world.
  • Work practices and tools
    Desk-ready through exposure to modern, remote work practices and tools.
  • Certificates
    Accredited program certificates and a portfolio of projects for college applications and future endeavors.

Win-win for employers and young talent.

Providing access and opportunity for young talent and visionary employers delivering real value to both.

    • Employer
      Authentically engage and evaluate young talent early and efficiently.
    • Employer
      Build brand and corporate awareness to diverse talent typically hard to reach or opt-out early.
    • Employer
      Scalable pipelines allowing you to engage and pre-screen talent to get optimal ROI.
    • Employer
      Develop "home grown" talent desk-ready and vested in your company.
    • Talent
      Explore and learn about careers and companies early.
    • Talent
      Connect and build your career and professional skillset.
    • Talent
      "Learn by doing" through internship-based applied learning experiences.
    • Talent
      Progressive opportunities putting you on a pathway to your selected career.

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