Amplify your recruiting.

Progressive, high-quality programs allowing companies of all sizes and industries to effectively connect, develop and evaluate high-potential talent.

All-in-one projected-based learning.

Blending internships, a proven path to careers for both candidates and companies with applied learning of in-demand skills.  

For talent:  Former interns are 2X as likely to be employed over non-interns.

For employers:  Interns accept full-time employment offers on a rate of 80% and have an almost 60% greater 5-year retention rate over non-interns.

Designed to benefit both employers and talent.

User Experience Value Proposition

Built for today's modern workplace.

Growing demand for real world experience as both entry-level job and college admission requirements have placed a premium on these experiences.

But with the widespread adoption of remote or hybrid work environments, supply has dramatically reduced. As only 1% of internships are remote today.

Meanwhile this shift to remote environments has increased pressures on how to evaluate talent effectively and find scalable pipelines of qualified candidates.

Opti Onboarding DashboardProgressive project-based learning programs

High quality career programs.

Developing scripted programs to allow employers to quickly and efficiently create customized corporate programs that are aligned with their hiring needs, brand and goals.

Delivered remotely and managed by Opti resources to allow participating companies to focus on what's important, engaging and evaluating candidates.

A progressive approach that grows with both employers and young talent throughout their career lifecycle from Pre-Interns to Interns to Full Time Employees and beyond.

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